M1 Plus Using the Projector

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Starting the Projector

M1 Startup.png
  1. Ensure the projector is connected to a power source or that the battery has sufficient charge.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for three (3) seconds to turn on the projector; or press the Power button on the remote control.
  3. Move the Smart Stand to your desired viewing angle.

M1 Smartstand.png

Adjusting the Projector's Height and Projection Angle

The projector is equipped with one (1) Smart Stand. Adjusting the stand will change the projector’s height and the vertical projection angle. Carefully adjust the stand to fine tune the projected image’s position.

M1 Height Adjust.png
NOTE: If the projector is not placed on a flat surface or the screen and the projector are not perpendicular to each other, the projected image can become trapezoidal. However, the “Auto Vertical Keystone” function will correct the issue automatically.

Adjusting the Focus

To adjust the image focus of the on-screen image, slowly move the focus ring upwards or downwards.

M1 Focus.png

Shutting Down the Projector

Press and hold the Power button on the projector or press the Power button on the remote control.