Projector Troubleshooting

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Troubleshooting Common Problems

Problem or Issue Possible Solutions
The projector does not turn on
  • Ensure the power cord is properly attached to the projector and to the power outlet.
  • If the cooling process has not completed, please wait until it has finished then try to turn on the projector again.
  • If the above does not work, try another power outlet or another electrical device with the same power outlet.
  • Check that the battery has remaining power, or needs external power.
There is no picture
  • Ensure the video source cable is connected properly, and that the video source is turned on.
  • If the input source is not selected automatically, select the correct source with the Source key on either the projector or the remote control.
The image is blurry
  • Adjusting the Focus Ring will help correctly focus the projection lens.
  • Ensure the projector and screen are aligned properly. If necessary, adjust the height of the projector as well as the projection angle and direction.
The remote control does not work
  • Ensure there are no obstacles between the remote control and projector; and that they are within 8 m (26 ft) of each other.
  • The batteries may be out of power, please check and replace if necessary.
The projector/system is frozen and will not respond
  • Using a paper clip, carefully insert it into the Reset button at the rear of the projector to reset the device.