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  • Short throw lens design allows for a projected 80” screen size from only 2.18 meters away.
  • Auto V. keystone to correct a distorted image automatically.
  • Bluetooth device connection, Auto Focus, and Screen Mirroring features.
  • USB-C for video transmission and power supply.
  • Eye protection feature in the event objects get too close to the light source.
  • 16 GB internal storage (Max. 12 GB available for user storage).
  • Various Color modes for different projection purposes.
  • Multi-language On-Screen Display (OSD) menus.

Package Contents

NOTE: The power cord and video cables included in your package may vary depending on your country. Please contact your local reseller for more information.

Projector Overview

Letter Item Description
A Eye Protection Sensor Detects close objects to the lens
B Lens Projector Lens
C Auto Focus Camera Automatically adjusts the focus
D IR Sensor Remote control IR Sensor
E Harmon / Kardon Speakers Harmon/Kardon speakers
F Adjustor Foot Stepless adjustment foot
G Wi-Fi Dongle Wi-Fi Dongle socket
H Micro USB USB for service use only

I/O Ports

M2 IO Ports.png
Number Port Description
1 Power Button Toggles the projector between standby mode and on
2 LED Indicator LED Indicator
3 USB-C[1] USB-C Port
4 HDMI[2] HDMI port[3]
5 DC IN Power input socket
6 MICRO SD Micro SD socket (SDXC up to 64 GB - FAT32/NTFS)
7 USB A (5V/2A Out) USB 3.0 Type A port (USB Reader - FAT32/NTFS)
8 Audio Out (3.5 mm jack) 3.5 mm jack audio output socket
9 IR Sensor Remote control IR Sensor
  1. Please use the supplied USB-C cable, and ensure your USB-C device can support video transmission as well as charging.
  2. Supports HDCP 2.0/HDMI 2.2.
  3. iPhone/iPad users will need to buy an additional adapter. To avoid compatibility issues, please use Apple authorized accessories.

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