LDM163-181 Using the Display

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Power On/Off your LED Display

LD163-181 Power On.png
  1. Ensure the power cord is connected and plugged into a power outlet.
  2. Press the Power button to turn on the LED display.
  3. To turn the LED display off, press the Power button again.

Home Screen

LD108-121 Home Screen Update.png
Number Item Description
1 Main Menu Access the Home Screen, APP Center, Settings, and Input Source.
2 Time of Day Indicator The sky will change over the day between morning, noon, afternoon, and night.
3 Quick Access Quick access to LAN, Wi-Fi, Brightness, and Power.
NOTE: Only supported by keyboard and mouse.
4 Date & Time Automatic time adjustment, time zone selection, and 24-hour format can all be adjusted. The Date & Time can also be hidden from the Home Screen under:
Settings > Display > Launcher Settings
5 ViewSonic Logo The logo can be hidden from the Home Screen under:
Settings > Display > Launcher Settings

Navigating the Home Screen

Remote Control
The remote control can be used to easily navigate the Home Screen. When using the remote control, ensure it is kept within the IR receiver range as shown below:

Direct View Remote Range.png

Keyboard and Mouse
When connected to the USB Type-A port of the display, a keyboard and mouse can also be used to navigate the Home Screen.

LD163-181 Connect USBA.png

The mouse pointer will appear as an orange dot on the display when used:

Home Screen Mouse Pointer.png
  • The left mouse button will confirm actions.
  • The right mouse button will go back to the previous layer.
  • Keyboard shortcuts and hot keys are also supported, including: audio adjustment, mute, and back to the Home Screen.

APP Center

Home Screen App Center.png
NOTE: Preloaded applications are subject to change without a notice.
Icon Name Description
LED Display Browser Icon.png
Browser Web browser
LED Display MVB Icon.png
Display Wirelessly mirror your desktop
LED Display Airplay Icon.png
EAirplay AirPlay mirroring
LED Display Enterprise Icon.png
EnterpriseAgent Device management
LED Display File Icon.png
File Manager File explorer
LED Display Manager Icon.png
Manager Remote device management
LED Display Revel Icon.png
Revel Digital Signage Manage digital signage
LED Display Setting Icon.png
Settings View and adjust the display’s settings
LED Display Nix Icon.png
SureMDM Nix Secure, monitor, and manage devices
LED Display WPS Icon.png
WPS Office Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
LED Display vCast Icon.png
vCastReceiver Receive casted content from devices
LED Display Sweeper Icon.png
vSweeper Clear up storage space

Input Source

Home Screen Input Source.png

The display supports two input sources: HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.

NOTE: Both input sources support HDMI 2.0.


Adjust and view the display's settings.

Menu Description
Network & Internet View and adjust Wi-Fi, Data Usage, Ethernet, Potable Hotspot, and VPN
Connected Devices View and adjust Connected Devices
Apps & Notifications View and adjust App Info., Notifications, App Permissions, Default Apps, and Special App Access
Display View and adjust Brightness Level, Ambient Light Sensor, Font Size, Startup & Shutdown, Input Setting, and Launcher Settings
Sound View and adjust Media Volume
Storage View and adjust Device Storage
System View and adjust Languages & Input, Date & Time, Reset, and About Device
Upgrade View and adjust OTA Upgrade and Local Update

Settings Menu Tree

Network & Internet

Sub-menu Menu Option
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi On
Wi-Fi List Add Network
Wi-Fi Preference Open Network Notification On
Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep
Data Usage Wi-Fi Data Usage
Network Restrictions Meter Wi-Fi Network On
Ethernet Ethernet On
Ethernet IP Mode
Ethernet Details
Portable Hotspot Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot On
Set up Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connected Devices

Sub-menu Menu Option
Connected Devices On

Apps & Notifications

Sub-menu Menu Option
App Info. Installed Apps Disable
Force Stop
Notifications Allow Notifications Dots On
On the Lock Screen Don't Show Notifications at All
Show All Notification's Content
App Permissions Body Sensors
Default Apps Assist & Voice Input
Opening Links
Special App Access Battery Optimization
Device Admin Apps
Do No Disturb Access
Display Over other Apps
VR Helper Services
Modify System Settings
Notification Access
Premium SMS Access
Unrestricted Data Access
Usage Access
Install Unknown Apps


Sub-menu Menu Option
Brightness Level (-/+, 1~8)
Ambient Light Sensor On
Font Size (-/+, 1~4)
Other Display Settings Display Settings Custom Resolution W: 800~1920
H: 600~1080
Custom DPI (-/+, 100~240)
Custom Wallpaper
Boot Logo Settings Video Logo
Startup & Shutdown Last Shutdown Channel
Default Startup Channel Home
APP (Display)
APP (vCastReceiver)
Standby Mode Hibernate
Splash Screen ViewSonic
Input Setting Input Alias HDMI 1 Display
HDMI 2 Display
Signal Source Detect HDMI Enable
Launcher Settings ViewSonic Logo On
Date & Time On


Sub-menu Menu Option
Media Volume (-/+, 0~100)


Sub-menu Menu Option
Device Storage Internal Shared Storage Storage Manager On
Photos & Videos
Music & Audio
Movie & TV
Portable Storage


Sub-menu Menu Option
Language & Input Languages
Virtual Keyboard Remote Controller Input Method
Manage Keyboards
Physical Keyboard Hi Keyboard
Hi Keypad
Keyboard Assistance
Advanced Preferred Engine
Speech Rate
Date & Time Automatic Date & Time On
Select Time Zone
Use 24-hour Format On
Reset Network Settings Reset
Reset App Preferences
Factory Data Reset
About Device Status
Legal Information
Kernel Version
Build Number
Total Time


Sub-menu Menu Option
OTA Upgrade OTA Cloud Server
Local Update sda1

Network & Internet

Settings Network Internet.jpg
Sub-menu Description
  • Select Wi-Fi to enter the Wi-Fi selection interface. Then select the desired Wi-Fi network and enter the password.
  • You can select Add Network in the Wi-Fi selection screen to manually add a Wi-Fi network.
  • Select Wi-Fi Preferences to view Wi-Fi usage preferences, Wi-Fi connection tips, etc.
Data Usage
  • Select Data Usage to review data usage and network restrictions.
  • Specific App’s traffic can be reviewed as well in Wi-Fi Data Usage.
  • Restrictions can be placed on specific network traffic under Network Restrictions.
Ethernet Select Ethernet to enable/disable Ethernet, review DNS, and IP mode.
Portable Hotspot Enable/disable Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot under Portable Hotspot.
VPN Review and add VPNs.

Connected Devices

Settings Connected Devices.jpg

Enable/disable device connection, review connected devices, and search and connect to other devices.

Apps & Notifications

Settings Apps Notifications.jpg
Sub-menu Description
App Info.
  • Select App Info to view installed applications and their detailed information.
  • You can also disable the app, review notifications and permissions, and adjust further settings.
  • Under Notifications, you can adjust each applications notification settings.
  • You can also allow/disallow notification dots and notifications on the lock screen.
App Permissions Select App Permissions to manage various application permissions.
Default Apps Select your default applications.
Special App Access Manage additional application settings.


Settings Display.jpg
Sub-menu Description
Brightness Level Adjust the brightness level by eight (8) levels.
Ambient Light Sensor Detects ambient light and adjusts brightness levels automatically.
Font Size Preview and adjust the font size on the display.
Others Display Settings Adjust the Resolution, DPI, wallpaper and other display settings.
Startup & Shutdown

Startup Channel

Last Shutdown Channel: Start in the channel that was last used before the previous shutdown.
Default Startup Channel: Select a specific startup channel (Home, HDMI 1/2, APP(Display), APP(vCastReceiver)).

Standby Mode

Hibernate: Power off the screen only.
Sleep: Power down the display to minimal power consumption (0.5W).

Splash Screen
Change the boot screen to black, blue, or the ViewSonic logo.

Input Setting

Input Alias Switch
Display or hide HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 input source.
Signal Source Detect
Enable or disable HDMI input detection.

Launcher Settings

ViewSonic Logo
Display or hide the ViewSonic logo on the Home Screen.
Date & Time
Display or hide the date and time on the Home Screen.
Choose from seven (7) included themes for the Home Screen.


Settings Sound.jpg
Sub-menu Description
Media Volume Adjust the volume level of the display.


Settings Storage.jpg
Sub-menu Description
Device Storage Total internal storage used.
Internal Shared Storage Internal storage allocation.
Portable Storage External storage device details.


Settings System.jpg
Sub-menu Description
Languages & Input

Language selection.
Virtual Keyboard
Select your input method.
Physical Keyboard
Bluetooth and physical keyboard input settings.
Adjust Input Assistance, Gestures, Pointer Speed, and Text-to-Speech output.

Date & Time

Automatic Date & Time
Enable or disable automatic time adjustment.
Select Time Zone
Choose your appropriate time zone.
Use 24-hour Format
Enable or disable 24-hour time format.


Network Settings Reset
Reset current network settings.
Reset App Preferences
Reset current app preferences
Factory Data Reset
Restore the display to default factory settings.

About Device View information about the display.


Settings Upgrade.jpg
Sub-menu Description
OTA Upgrade

Auto Update
Automatically apply updates as they become available or schedule the default update date and choose “Hibernate” as the Standby Mode, and the system will automatically update the schedule after shutdown.
Manual Update

Check Update: The system will check for the latest FW automatically. If a new FW version is found, confirm the new FW is needed and then manually run the update.
Local Update: Plug in a USB drive with the FW update in .zip format and run the .zip file to update the FW.