VB-VIS-003 Using the Device

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    Using the Document Camera as a PC Camera

    After the Document Camera is connected correctly and detected by your PC, the PC Camera function is ready to use.

    VB-VIS-003 Use PC Camera.png


    vDocCam+ is a complementary software to the VB-VIS-003 Document Camera.

    Installing vDocCam+ Software

    1. Go to: https://www.viewsonicglobal.com/q/vb-vis-003#downloads
    2. Download the vDocCam+ software.
    3. Double click the vDocCam+ file to install the software.
    4. VB-VIS-003 vDocCam+ Icon.png
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
    6. VB-VIS-003 vDocCam+ Install Wizard.png

    Uninstalling vDocCam+ Software

    1. To remove vDocCam+ from Windows, go to:
      • Start Menu > All Programs > vDocCam+ folder > Right-click > Uninstall vDocCam+
      VB-VIS-003 Uninstall 1.png
    2. Select vDocCam+ and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.
    3. VB-VIS-003 Uninstall 2.png
      VB-VIS-003 Uninstall 3.png