VB-VIS-003 Troubleshooting

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    Troubleshooting Common Problems

    Problem or Issue Potential Cause Possible Solutions
    Cannot be powered on The USB cable is not correctly connected to the computer or the computer may have crashed. Re-connect the USB cable with the Document Camera.
    Restart the computer.
    No image output after connecting The document camera is not correctly connected to the computer. Re-connect the USB cable with the Document Camera.
    Software is not installed on the computer. Install the bundled software on the computer.
    Application software is incompatible with the document camera. Use the bundled software to operate the Document Camera.
    The device is not being detected Make sure you are using a supported VB-VIS-003 model camera device. vDocCam+ application only supports the VB-VIS-003 model camera device. If you are using a 3rd party document camera some of the functions in this software may NOT work.
    Check if the camera is opened by other applications. Check the Windows/macOS program, if the camera has been occupied by other applications, please exit the application and try again.
    Turn off the virtual machine (macOs). If your Mac has an installed Windows virtual machine such as “Parallels Desktop”, please turn it off and connect the device again.
    Check the USB connection (Windows). Ensure Windows has recognized the device under the Cameras in Windows Device Manager menu. If the device is not detected, please try to connect with another USB port.
    For Windows 10 / 11 system Go to: Settings > Privacy > Camera to check whether the permission is allowed.
    The image is fuzzy The distance of the object is possibly too close to the lens. Press the AF button to auto focus.
    The image does not move The computer or application software may have crashed. Restart the computer or application software.
    There is camera flickering Camera flickering problems usually occur when there is a difference between the camera refresh rate setting and the artificial lighting refresh rate of the environment.
    NOTE: Learn more about each country’s mains electricity at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mains_electricity_by_country
    VB-VIS-003 Before After Setting.png
    Use the vDocCam+ software “Device setup” to change the camera’s Power Frequency (refresh rate).
    VB-VIS-003 Power Frequency.png

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