M1 Pro Introduction

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    Package Contents

    M1 Pro Package Contents.png
    Number Description
    1 Projector
    2 Power Cord
    3 USB Type C Cable
    4 Power Adapter
    5 Remote Control with Batteries
    6 Carrying Bag
    7 Quick Start Guide

    Projector Overview

    M1 Pro Projector Overview.png
    Number Description
    1 Volume Up
    2 Volume Down
    3 Play / Pause
    4 LED Indicator (Power and Battery LED)
    5 Speaker
    6 IR Receiver
    7 Lens
    8 Focus Ring
    9 I/O Ports
    10 Smart Stand
    11 Tripod Mount

    I/O Ports

    M1 Pro IO Ports.png
    Number Description
    1 DC IN
    2 USB Type C (DC IN)
    3 Audio Out
    4 USB Type C[1]
    5 HDMI[2][3]
    6 USB Type A
    1. Please use the supplied USB-C cable, and ensure your USB-C device can support video transmission.
    2. Supports HDCP 1.4/HDMI 1.4.
    3. iPhone/iPad users will need to buy an additional adapter. To avoid compatibility issues, please use Apple authorized accessories.

    • If the system crashes, you can push the reset button located between the DC USB C and Audio Out port.
    • The USB Type C and USB Type A port share 5V/2A total power output.

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