IFP70 Using the ViewBoard

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Power On/Off your ViewBoard

Powering On/Off
  1. Ensure the power cord is connected, plugged into a power outlet, and the power switch is in the “On” position.
  2. Press the Power button to turn on the ViewBoard.
  3. To turn the ViewBoard off, press and hold the Power button.

Initial Launch Setup

When you first turn on your ViewBoard, an initial setup wizard will launch.

  1. Select your Language.
  2. Setup and verify your LAN connection.
  3. Select your Time Zone to set the Date and Time.
  4. Select your preferred System Mode.
  5. Accept or Decline the Privacy and Copyright Protection Terms.

vLauncher - Customizable Welcome Screen

IFP70 Home Screen.png
NOTE: ViewBoard offers two background themes, Corporate and Education.


Toolbar trigger icons are on the edge of the ViewBoard launcher providing access to your tools.

IFP70 Home Toolbar.svg

To launch a tool:

  1. Tap a Toolbar trigger icon.
  2. Tap on your desired tool icon.
IFP70 Home Toolbar Closeup.png
NOTE: The default toolbar setting is to be available for all input sources; however, users can go to: Settings > Personal > Other Settings to adjust the options: (1) available for all input sources, (2) available for all input sources, except for PC, and (3) disable the tool bar.

Toolbar Icons

Icon Description
IFP70 Icon Return.png
Return to the previous operation screen
IFP70 Icon Home.png
Return to the Home Screen of the Embedded Player
IFP70 Icon Display.png
Display all embedded applications that are being used
IFP70 Icon MVB.png
Launch myViewBoard
IFP70 Icon Pen.png
Access the Pen, Highlighter, Clear, and Save options
IFP70 Icon Pen Tools.png
1. Digital Pen
Annotate the overlay of any input source with red, black, blue, or green ink.
NOTE: The default digital pen setting supports up to 10-point writing.
2. Digital Highlighter
Mark and highlight with four colors: yellow, orange, blue, and green.
NOTE: The default digital highlighter setting supports up to 10-point marking.
3. Brush
Clears all the digital ink on the screen.
4. Save As
Save the on-screen image onto the internal storage.
5. Writing Mode
Transparent mode: Screen won't be frozen, the screen resolution won't be reduced to 1080p.
6. Picture Save Setting
Speed Priority: Save the on-screen image as 1920 x 1080; fast save speed.
Quality Priority: Save the on-screen image as 3840 x 2160; save time will take up to 10 seconds.
NOTE: In opaque mode, the user cannot select the picture save setting.
7. Close
Close the digital pen icon.
IFP70 Icon Freeze.png
Convert the currently displayed content into a still image; then you can zoom in or zoom out
IFP70 Icon Freeze Tools.png
1. Zoom In
Enlarge the captured image.
NOTE: The screen resolution will be reduced after zooming in.
2. Zoom Out
Shrink the captured image.
3. Back to Full Screen
Reset the Zoom In/Zoom Out effects to the original full screen.
4. Close
Close the icon.
IFP70 Icon Tools.png
View more applications within the ViewBoard tool bar
IFP70 Icon Tools Tools.png
1. Spotlight
Highlight the focus content zone. Tap the Setting icon to adjust the spotlight size and alpha blending effect.
IFP70 Spotlight.png
2. Countdown
  • Access the countdown timer with an optional alarm setting. Touch and swipe to adjust the numeric values, then click Start.
  • At any time, the countdown timer can be paused, resumed, or reset.
  • The timer will reduce in size and move to the lower-center of the screen automatically when the user touches another area. Touching the timer again will return it to its normal size and original location.
3. Stopwatch
  • Tapping Start will initiate the stopwatch.
  • At any time, the stopwatch can be paused, resumed, split, or reset.
  • The stopwatch will reduce in size and move to the lower-center of the screen automatically when the user touches another area. Touching the stopwatch again will return it to its normal size and original location.
4. Air Class
Interactive teaching tool for classroom usage.
5. Folder
Access the Folder function and retrieve documents.