IFP70 Remote Control

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Remote Control Overview

Remote Control
Number Description
1 Power On/Off
2 Mute/Unmute
3 Sleep Mode
4 For Non-Android sources; display current input source information
5 Blank Screen
6 Freeze Screen
7 Numeric Input Buttons
8 Slot-in computer space bar, Alt+Tab
9 Slot-in computer, close program window
10 Input source selection
11 Back to slot-in system main interface
12 For Android, access Settings; for other sources, access Touch Menu settings
13 Screen capture
14 PC [Tab] button
15 Switch to slot-in PC desktop
16 PC [Backspace] button
17 PC [Windows] button
18 PC [Menu] button
19 Scroll Up
20 Scroll Left
21 Scroll Right
22 Scroll Down
23 Confirm selection/state
24 Writing software setup
25 Shortcut button to exit dialogue boxes
26 Return button
27 PC [Space] button
28 CH+: PC previous page
CH-: PC next page
29 Increase/Decrease volume
30 Built-in computer F1 - F12 function button
NOTE: All computer-related function keys are not available without a slot-in computer.

Remote Control Effective Range

The working range of the remote control is shown here. It has an effective range of 8 meters, 30° degrees left and right. Ensure there is nothing obstructing the remote control’s signal to the receiver.

Effective Range of the Remote Control

Replacing the Batteries of the Remote Control

  1. Remove the cover on the rear of the remote control.
  2. Insert two “AAA” batteries, ensuring the “+” symbol on the battery matches the “+” on the battery post.
  3. Replace the cover by aligning it with the slot on the remote control and snapping the latch shut.
Replacing the Batteries of the Remote Control
There is a risk of explosion if batteries are replaced with the incorrect type.
  • It is recommended that you do not mix battery types.
  • Always dispose of old batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Contact your local government for more information on how to dispose of batteries safely.