VPC-A31-O1 Initial Setup

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    Installing the VPC-A31-O1

    1. Remove the slot-in PC cover of the display.
    2. VPC-A31-O1 Initial Setup 1.png
    3. Using the handle of the VPC-A31-O1, carefully insert it into the PC slot of the display.
    4. VPC-A31-O1 Initial Setup 2.png
      • Ensure the handle and vents of the VPC-A31-01 are facing outwards.
      • The right installation direction is to avoid damage to the OPS terminal and maintain proper ventilation.
      VPC-A31-O1 Initial Setup 3.png
    5. Secure the VPC-A31-O1 to the display with the two (2) included screws.
    6. NOTE:
      • Please note that the three (3) antennas must be installed on the VPCA31-O1.
      • Please pay attention to the installation direction of the VPC-A31-O1, with the vents facing outwards to avoid damage.
      • The VPC-A31-O1 does not support hot swapping. When removing the device, turn off the power supply for both the display and VPC-A31-O1 first.