VBS200-A Troubleshooting

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    This section describes some common problems that you may experience when using the VBS200-A. If a problem persists, please contact your local service center.

    Problem or Issue Possible Solutions
    The VBS200-A will not start. If the LED does not light green during device boot up:
    1. Verify that the AC adapter is properly plugged into the DC-IN jack of the VBS200-A and to the power outlet.
    2. Verify that the DC connector is fully inserted into the correct socket on the front of the VBS200-A.
    3. Check the power socket with another device (e.g., table lamp). If there is still no power, contact ViewSonic support or the Reseller from whom the device was purchased.
    The LAN connection is not working.
    1. Verify that the RJ-45 cable is connected properly. One end to the LAN port of the VBS200-A and the other end to a network connected device or a network wall port.
    2. Make sure you have configured the LAN settings correctly.
    There is no screen image on the connected display.
    1. Verify that the HDMI cable has been plugged in properly into the correct HDMI port on both devices.
    2. Make sure the correct input source (HDMI) is selected.
    The ViewBoard ecosystem is inaccessible.

    To properly access the ViewBoard ecosystem (including companion applications) on your network, request your IT department to open the following ports:

    • TCP Port 443 (HTTPS): outbound
    • UDP and TCP port 3478 bidirectional to the WebRTC servers
    • UDP Ports 50,000 – 65,535 (RTP/sRTP/RTCP) bidirectional to the WebRTC servers. These ports are optional; if blocked, media will be proxied using TURN on port 3478.

    The WebRTC protocol is actively used in screen sharing. Verify that these ports are open on your network firewall. To check your connectivity status, visit: https://myviewboard.com/cast2/test/index.html.

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