VBS200-A Mounting Kit

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    Mount Kit Specifications


    • Please follow the instructions in the ViewSonic wall mount installation guide to install your wall mount or mobile mount bracket.
    • If attaching to other building materials, please make sure the bracket mounting pattern matches the mounting pattern on the VBS200-A. Please contact your nearest dealer for more details.
    Mounting Kit
    Model Mounting Spec. (A x B) Standard Screw (C x D) Quantity
    VBS200-A 75 mm x 75 mm M4 x 8 mm 4

    NOTE: Do not use screws longer than the standard dimensions listed, as they may cause damage to the inside of the device.

    Mounting the VBS200-A (optional)

    Using the VB-WMK-001/VB-STND-001

    The VBS200-A can be mounted to the rear of your display accessory using the slideon mini PC bracket as shown below:

    Mounting Kit