VBS200-A Introduction

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    Package Contents

    Please take a moment to check if all the necessary items are included in the package. If anything is missing or damaged, please contact your local reseller immediately.

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    Product Overview

    Front View

    VBS200-A Overview Front.png
    Number Item Description
    1 Power Button
    • Power On (Green light)
    • Power Off (No light)
    • When the VBS200-A system is ON, pressing the Power Button will put the VBS200-A into Sleep Mode.
    2 Reset Hardware reset of the device.
    3 USB 2.0 C Port USB 2.0, 500mA[1]
    4 USB 3.0 A Port USB 3.0, 900mA[1]
    5 USB 2.0 A Port USB 2.0, 500mA[1]
    6 MicroSD Read/Write MicroSD card
    7 AUDIO OUT Audio signal output (3.5 mm DAC)
    1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Supports USB and UVC devices/Touch Back/Hot swapping and plugging.

    Rear View

    VBS200-A Overview Rear.png
    Number Item Description
    1 DC IN 12V, system power input connector
    2 GB-LAN (RJ45)
    • PoE-IEEE 802.3at class4 (PD Input: 12v-2A , 24W)
    • Recommend PSE IEEE 802.3at class4 (Output: 30W)
    Status Description
    Yellow (Flashing) Active link
    Yellow (Off) Inactive link
    Green (On) Active link with 100M speed
    Orange (On) Active link with 1000M speed
    Green/Orange (Off) Active link with 10M speed
    3 HDMI OUT Version 2.0; output video to an external display via HDMI.
    4 HDMI IN Version 1.4; connect to a video device with HDMI output.
    5 MINI DP Output video to an external display via DisplayPort.
    6 RS-232 Connects the display (IFP or Projector) to an external computer. Certain functions can be controlled remotely by the computer, including power on/off, volume adjustment and more.

    Side View

    VBS200-A Overview Side.png
    Number Item Description
    1 Security Slot Secure the device to a fixed object for increased security and safety.
    2 Antenna Connect the included antennas to increase signal strength.