VB-STND-008 Making Connections

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    Connecting to Power

    1. Connect the power cord to the Trolley Cart.
    2. Plug the power cord plug into a power outlet.
    3. VB-STND-007 Connect Power 1.png
      VB-STND-008 Power Cord.png
    4. Use the cord clamp to secure the cords in place.
    5. VB-STND-008 Connect Power 2.png

    Connecting to the Control Pad

    Connect the Control Pad to the Trolley Cart via the RJ45 Port.

    NOTE: The Control Pad has a magnet on the back. The Control Pad can be attached to any metal surface on the Trolley Cart. Make sure the attached area does not obstruct the Lift functions.
    VB-STND-008 Connect Control Pad.png

    Connecting to the IFP

    1. Connect the IFP to the AC power output of the Trolley Cart.
    2. Connect the USB Type A cord to both the IFP and the Trolley Cart.
    VB-STND-008 Connect IFP.png