VB Stand Safety Precautions

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    Using the ViewBoard Stand Safely

    Please read the following Safety Precautions before you start using the device.

    • Keep this user guide in a safe place for later reference.
    • Read all warnings and follow all instructions.
    • To prevent damage, avoid any physical pressure, vibration, or immersion during transportation, possession, or installation of the product.
    • Always place the product on a flat, stable surface.
    • Avoid contacting any liquids, gas, or corrosive materials with the shell of the product.
    • This product has no parts which can be repaired by the user. Any damage caused by the user's own disassembly is not covered by warranty.
    • This product is special use with ViewSonic® commercial Touch Display only, Use with other model is capable of resulting in instability causing possible injury.
    • This product is only compatible with panels up to a maximum size of 86”.
    • The maximum weight loading of this product is 75 kgs (165 lbs).
    • Avoid the following to prevent the personal injury and/or equipment damage:
    • Children MUST NOT operate plant or machinery.
    • KEEP AWAY from moving parts to avoid injury.
    • DO NOT move the cart with the lift in the highest position.
    • DO NOT push the cart from the front or attempt to lift it.
    • DO NOT move the cart by pushing on the IFP/panel.
    • DO NOT move the cart over cords or uneven, dirty, and/or slopes.
    VB-STND Safety Precaution.png