VB-STND-008 Introduction

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    Package Contents

    VB-STND-008 Package Contents.svg
    Letter Quantity Description Note
    A 2 Bolts M6 x 14mm
    B 6 Nuts M8
    C 4 Bolts M5 x 25mm
    D 4 Bolts M6 x 25mm
    E 4 Bolts M8 x 25mm
    F 4 Bolts M4 x 8mm
    G 1 Hex Tool 4mm
    H 1 Wrench
    I 4 Caster Covers Left Covers (x2)
    Right Covers (x2)
    J 2 Attachable Cord Clamps
    K 1 Control Pad
    L 1 USB Type A to
    USB Type A cable
    M 2 Trolley Bases
    N 2 Mounting Brackets
    O 1 Power Extension Cord
    P 1 Power Cord
    Q 1 Keyboard Tray
    NOTE: The power cord included in your package may vary depending on your country. Please contact your local reseller for more information.

    Product Overview

    Front and Side View

    I/O Ports and Controls

    VB-STND-008 IO Ports.png
    Number Port Description
    1 USB A [1] USB A Port
    2 Lift Up/Down, Tilt Up/Down Buttons Adjust Lift Height and Tilt Angle
    3 RJ45 [2] RJ45 Port
    4 AC Out Power Output Socket
    5 AC In Power Input Socket
    1. Only use the USB-A port to connect with an IFP. Lift can be controlled via the application on the IFP.
    2. Only use the RJ45 port to connect with the Control Pad.

    Control Pad

    Control Pad