VB-CAM-201 Introduction

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    Package Contents

    VB-CAM-201 Package Contents.png
    1. VB-CAM-201
    2. Documentation
    3. Remote Control
    4. Power Adapter
    5. Bracket
    6. USB Cable
    7. Bracket Screw x 6
    8. Wall Anchor x 6

    Product Overview


    VB-CAM-201 Product Overview.png

    I/O Ports

    VB-CAM-201 IO Ports.png
    Number Item
    1 DC IN
    2 USB 3.0
    3 Reset Button
    4 HDMI
    5 USB 2.0
    6 RJ45
    • The HDMI port only supports video output.
    • The RJ45 port only supports parameters management.
    • The USB 2.0 port supports 2.0 output which is only designed for external USB microphone use.

    Remote Control

    Remote Control
    Number Button Description
    1 Camera Disable Disable/Enable the video.
    2 Call Answer/Start call/Enter call interface[1].
    3 Control Key Menu Control/Camera moving direction.
    4 Volume Up/Down Audio volume control.
    5 Exit Tracking After pressing, the camera will exit the tracking mode.
    6 Speaker Tracking Press for voice tracking of the speaker.
    7 Preset 1 Long press to set Preset 1; short press to call Preset 1.
    8 Preset 2 Long press to set Preset 2; short press to call Preset 2.
    9 Standby Long press to enter Standby mode; short press to return to Normal mode.
    10 Hang Up Hang up the call/Reject to join the meeting[1].
    11 OK (Confirm) Confirm selection/Camera returns to home position.
    12 Microphone Mute Disable/Enable the microphone.
    13 Zoom Zoom In/Out.
    14 Speaker Mute[2] Disable/Enable the speaker.
    15 Participant Tracking[3] The camera will automatically track the participants.
    16 Menu Enter/Exit the OSD menu.
    17 Bluetooth Disable/Enable Bluetooth. Long press to switch Host and Client mode after Bluetooth is enabled.
    1. 1.0 1.1 For "Skype for Business" and "Microsoft Teams" only.
    2. Long press to disable the audio function completely. External devices will not detect the VB-CAM-201 as a speaker or microphone. If the function is disabled, a mute icon will be on screen.
    3. Long press to enter “Live Mosaic View” mode.

    Replacing the Batteries of the Remote Control

    1. Remove the cover on the rear of the remote control.
    2. Insert two “AAA” batteries, ensuring the “+” symbol on the battery matches the “+” on the battery post.
    3. Replace the cover by aligning it with the slot on the remote control and snapping the latch shut.
    4. NOTE:
      • Avoid leaving the remote control or batteries in excessive heat or humidity.
      • Always dispose of old batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Contact your local government for more information on how to dispose of batteries safely.
      • Remove the batteries if the remote control will not be in use for an extended period of time.
      • It is recommended that you do not mix battery types.