LDP163-181 Introduction

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    Package Contents

    Item Quantity Note
    Cabinet Sections
    LDP163-181 Cabinet Sections.svg
    6 sections total One (1) Left, four (4) Middle, and one (1) Right.
    System Control Box
    (Left and Right sides)
    LDP108-121 System Control Box.png
    2 sides
    Quick Start Guide
    LDP163-181 QSG.png
    LED Modules
    LDS135-151 LED Module.svg
    144 modules The quantity of spare LED modules will vary by country.
    Remote Control
    LDP216-121 Remote Control.svg
    LDP135-151 Screws.svg
    20 x M6x10mm (1)
    32 x M6x50mm Expansion (2)
    32 x TA6x30mm (3)
    12 x KM3x6mm (4)
    Hex Tool
    (Allen wrench)
    LD163-181 Hex Tool.svg
    2 1 x 5 mm
    1 x 8 mm
    System Control Box Covers
    (Left, Middle, and Right sides)
    LDP216-121 Box Covers.svg
    Wall Mounting Brackets
    LDP216-121 Wall Mount Brackets.svg
    Vacuum Suction Tool
    LDP216-121 Vacuum Tool.svg
    Anti-Static Gloves
    LDS135-151 Gloves.svg
    2 pairs
    LAN Cable

    (5 m)

    LDP216-121 LAN Cable.svg
    IR Extender Cable

    (3 m)

    LDP216-121 IR Cable.svg
    • This product is packed in an air transport box.
    • Due to the size and weight, it is recommended that two or more people handle it.
    • The base stand is an optional accessory and will be sold separately.

    Product Overview

    Front Panel

    LDP163-181 Front Overview.png

    Rear Panel

    LDP163-181 Rear Overview.png

    I/O Ports

    LDP163-181 IO Ports.png
    Number Port Description
    1 HDMI OUT Extend content out to another display device.
    2 AUDIO OUT Audio output to an external speaker.
    3 S/PDIF OUT Multichannel sound via optical signals.
    4 IR IN Extend the IR Receiver.
    5 USB 2.0 USB Reader (5V/1.5A).
    6 LAN Standard RJ45 (10M/100M/1000M) Internet connection interface.
    7 HDMI IN 2.0 High definition input: PIP/PBP ,connect to PC with HDMI output, set-top box, or other video device.
    8 HDMI IN 1.4 High definition input: PIP/PBP ,connect to PC with HDMI output, set-top box, or other video device.
    9 HDMI IN 2.1 High definition input: connect to PC with HDMI output, set-top box, or other video device.
    10 RS-232 Serial control port.

    Control Panel

    LDP135-151 Control Panel.png
    Number Port Description
    1 USB C USB-C Reader (5V/2A)
    2 USB 2.0 USB Reader (5V/1.5A)
    3 IR Receiver Receiver for the Remote Control.
    4 Brightness Press to cycle through brightness levels.
    5 Volume + Increase the volume.
    6 Volume - Decrease the volume.
    7 Input Select Press to cycle through available input sources.
    8 Stand-by Press to enter Stand-by mode.
    Locking the Control Panel
    When the administrator does not want others to use the control panel, it can be locked by pressing 1168+OK on the remote control.

    Further Reading