LD135-152 Flight Case Packing

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    Packing the Flight Case

    1. Ensure that the LED display is OFF, and the Accessories box is placed in the grid corresponding to the Bottom plate of the flight case. The Bottom plate of the flight case, which shall be close to the ground, is clipped into the base of the screen from the position of the front as shown below.
    2. LD135-152 Flight Case Packing 1.png
    3. Power On the display and press the 1 key on the control box at the base, or continuously hold the “Down” key, to lower the screen to the lowest position until it is inside the cart slot, as shown below:
    4. LD135-152 Flight Case Packing 2.png
    5. Insert the Moveable plate from behind, as shown below, and tighten the 4 lock-ups connecting with the Bottom plate. Ensure that the clips are engaged.
    6. LD135-152 Flight Case Packing 3.png
    7. Ensure the display is Powered Off, then unplug the power cord from the power socket. Next, remove the flight plug by rotating it 90° counterclockwise. Finally, place the power cord into the Backup Box on the Bottom plate.
    8. LD135-152 Flight Case Packing 4.png
    9. Two people will need to lift the Back cover of the flight case, aligning the Back cover with the position of the lock-ups of the Bottom plate. When aligned, rotate the 5 lock-ups clockwise to secure the connection with the Bottom plate. Next, lift the Front cover of the flight case onto the Bottom plate, aligning the Front cover with the position of the lock-ups. When aligned, rotate the 9 lock-ups clockwise to secure the connection between the Front cover, the Bottom plate, and Back cover. Ensure that the lock-ups are engaged in place, and there are no obvious gaps.
    10. LD135-152 Flight Case Packing 5.png
    11. After the flight case is closed, at least two people will be needed to move the case to its storage or transport location. Ensure the braking locks are engaged on all six rollers upon reaching the case’s storage or transport location.
    12. LD135-152 Flight Case Packing 6.png

    NOTE: When storing the flight case, ensure the ground is level and that all six rollers are locked.