IFP32 Introduction

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Package Contents

Wall Mount Kit Specifications (VESA)

Please follow the instructions in the wall mount installation guide to install your wall mount or mobile mount bracket. If attaching to other building materials, please contact your nearest dealer.

Wall Mount Kit Specifications
Model VESA Spec. (A x B) Standard Screw (C x D) Quantity
IFP6532 - 65” 600 x 400 mm M8 x 25 mm 4
IFP7532 - 75” 800 x 400 mm M8 x 25 mm 4
IFP8632 - 86” 800 x 600 mm M8 x 25 mm 4
Do not use screws that are longer than the standard dimension, as they may cause damage to the inside of the display.

Product Overview

Front Panel | Control Panel

IFP32 Front Panel and Control Panel

Rear Panel

IFP32 Rear Panel
Number Description
1 Power button
Turn on/off the device
Tap to enter Energy Saving mode
Press and hold for at least two (2) seconds to enter Standby mode
2 Ambient light sensor
3 Remote control IR sensor
4 USB 2.0. Smart USB port for PC, HDMI, VGA, and ViewBoard input signals
5 Speaker

I/O Panel

Lower Right Side

IFP32 I/O Panel

Bottom Left

IFP32 I/O Panel

Bottom Right

IFP32 I/O Panel

Bottom Center

IFP32 I/O Panel
  • TOUCH, HDMI, and VGA are grouped by color; i.e. TOUCH 1 should be used with HDMI 1/2.
  • Under the Embedded Player, USB ports only support 2.0 transfer speeds.

Number Port Description
1 PC Slot Slot for adding optional PC module.
2 HDMI 1/2 High definition input; connect to PC with HDMI output, set-top box, or other video device.
3 USB 2.0 Connect USB devices such as hard disks, keyboard, mouse, etc. [ 5V dc/0.5A ]
4 LAN Standard RJ45 (10M/100M for PC; 10M/100M for ViewBoard) Internet connection interface.
5 Touch Touch signal output to external PC.
6 RS-232 Serial interface; used for mutual transfer of data between devices.
7 Audio Out Audio output to an external speaker.
8 AC Switch Turn on/off AC power supply

“I” = Power on, “O” = Power off

9 AC IN AC power input.
10 Audio In External computer audio input.
11 VGA External computer video input.
12 Wi-Fi Module Slot Slot for adding optional Wi-Fi module (VB-WIFI-002).

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