CDE7512 Using the Display

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    Power On/Off your Display

    1. Ensure the power cord is connected, plugged into a power outlet, and the power switch is in the “On” position.
    2. CDE7512-2 Power Switch.png
      NOTE: The AC IN socket is located at the rear, and the Power Switch is located underneath the display.
    3. Press the Power button to turn on the display.
    4. To turn the display off, press and hold the Power button.

    Initial Launch Setup

    When you first turn on your display, an initial setup wizard will launch.

    1. Select your Language.
    2. Select your Time Zone.
    3. Select your Power Saving Mode.
    4. Accept/Decline the Privacy and Copyright Protection Agreement.

    Home Screen

    From the Home Screen all the installed applications can be accessed.

    CDE12 Home Screen.png
    NOTE: Press the Home button on the remote control at any time to return to the Home Screen.