IFP7552-2 Using the ViewBoard

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    Powering ON/OFF your ViewBoard

    1. Ensure the power cord is connected, plugged into a power outlet, and the power switch is in the “ON” position.
    2. Power Switch Location
    3. Press the Power button to turn on the ViewBoard.
    4. To turn the ViewBoard OFF, press and hold the Power button.

    Initial Launch Setup

    When you first turn ON your ViewBoard, an initial setup wizard will launch.

      Initial Launch Setup
    1. Choose your preferred Language.
    2. Initial Launch Setup
    3. Adjust accessibility features as needed.
    4. Initial Launch Setup
    5. Setup and connect to a network.
    6. Initial Launch Setup
    7. Set and adjust the Date and Time as needed.
    8. Initial Launch Setup
    9. Copy your apps and data from another device to the ViewBoard or tap Don’t copy to continue without copying anything.
    10. Initial Launch Setup
    11. Sign in with a Google account, or tap Skip to continue without signing in.
    12. Initial Launch Setup
    13. Accept or decline the Google services.
    14. Initial Launch Setup
    15. Set a PIN to setup a Screen lock, or tap Skip to continue without setting one.
    16. Initial Launch Setup

      Home Screen (Launcher Scheme)

      The IFP52-2 series’ Home Screen layout can be customized by selecting from Scheme A and Scheme B.

      Launcher Scheme
      Launcher Scheme
      Scheme A Scheme B

      To change the scheme:

      1. Go to: Settings > System > Launcher Scheme
      2. Select either Scheme A or Scheme B.
      3. Launcher Scheme


      The Toolbar is where applications and tools can be found. Trigger icons are on the edge of the screen for quick access.

      Home Toolbar

      To launch an application or tool:

      1. Tap a Toolbar trigger icon.
      2. Tap on your desired application or tool.
      3. Toolbar Closeup

      Toolbar Icons

      Icon Description
      Return to the previous operation screen.
      NOTE: Only for the ViewBoard OS source.
      Annotate the overlay of any input source with a pen or brush.
      Return to the Home Screen of the ViewBoard OS source.
      Display all embedded applications that are currently open.
      Input Source
      Input Source
      Select and change the input source.
      Shortcut Tools
      Shortcut Tools
      Quickly view and adjust various frequently used tools, settings, and applications.
      Shortcut Tools
      Access power options and settings.
      Access the System Settings.

      Control and Notification Panel

      Control and Notification Panel
      Item Description
      1 Control Panel Access frequently used settings and tools.
      Control Panel
      2 Notification Panel Receive and manage system and application notifications.
      Notification Panel