ViewBoard Cast Button BYOM

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    Introduction to BYOM

    ViewBoard Cast Button’s advanced feature of BYOM (Bring your Your Own Meeting) lets you use your own laptop to host a video conference with your preferred conferencing software (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet). You can extend your meeting to a ViewSonic IFP/CDE series device, optimizing workplace productivity.

    ViewBoard Cast Button BYOM Diagram.png
    NOTE: When adjusting, support the monitor firmly with one hand while tilting the stand backwards with the other hand.

    How to Use the BYOM Feature

    1. Plug the ViewBoard Cast Button into your laptop.
    2. Start the ViewBoard Cast application (vCastReceiver) or the ViewBoard Cast Pro (vCastPro) and wait for the ViewBoard Cast Button to connect with the camera.
      NOTE: Connection to the camera is established when the camera icon on the ViewBoard Cast changes from gray to white.
    3. ViewBoard Cast Button BYOM 1.png
      ViewBoard Cast Button BYOM 2.png
    4. Start a meeting on Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet from your laptop.
    5. Tap the ViewBoard Cast Button to share content onto the ViewBoard IFP/CDE device.
    6. Select “ViewBoard Cast” as your Microphone/Speaker source and “ViewBoard Webcam” as your Camera source from the conferencing software.
      NOTE: Refer to the table below for information on the different conferencing softwares.
    Conferencing Software Audio and Video Settings
    Microsoft Teams Audio
    • Select: Settings > Speaker > ViewBoardCast
    • Select: Settings > Microphone > Microphone (ViewBoard Cast)
    • Select Settings > Camera > ViewBoard Webcam
    Google Meet Audio
    • Select: Settings > Speakers > ViewBoardCast
    • Select: Settings > Audio > Microphone > Microphone (ViewBoard Cast)
    • Select: Settings > Video > Camera > ViewBoard Webcam
    Zoom Audio
    • Select: Settings > Audio > Speaker > ViewBoard Cast
    • Select: Settings > Microphone > Microphone (ViewBoard Cast)
    • Select: Settings > Video > ViewBoard Webcam

    Network Information

    • Wi-Fi: 802.11ac 5GHz channel for table on non-DFS channels in your country.
    NOTE: In the USA, channels are 36~48 and 149~165.
    • Bandwidth: At least 10Mbps in a typical deployment. Latency shall be less than 50ms for HD video streaming, more than 10Mbps is required.
    • Ports:
      • TCP 56789, 25123, 8212, 8000, 8600
      • UPD 48689, 25123
    • Port and DNS for activation:
    • OTA service: