ViewBoard Cast Button Appendix

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    Troubleshooting the ViewBoard Cast Button

    This section describes some common problems that you may experience when using the ViewBoard Cast Button.

    NOTE: Please contact your sales representative or IT department if you are experiencing any further problems.
    Problem or Issue Possible Solutions
    ViewBoard Cast Button is not pairing with IFP/CDE device
    • Check that the ViewBoard Cast Button is plugged into your laptop.
    • Check that the LED indicator changes to static blue
    LED indicator is only flashing white
    • Check that the IFP/CDE device is working correctly.
    • Verify that the pairing information is entered correctly.
    IFP/CDE device cannot be found in the conferencing software
    • Re-plug the USB webcam into the IFP/CDE device and restart the IFP/CDE device.
    Audio and/or video is not outputting from the IFP/CDE device
    • Check the device settings of the conferencing software.
    • Check the volume settings of the laptop and the IFP/CDE device.
    • Restart the IFP/CDE device.
    Audio and/or video stops working during the conference
    • Check that the network signal is strong.
    • Check device settings in the conferencing software.
    • Re-pair the ViewBoard Cast Button with the IFP/CDE device.
    • Restart the ViewBoard Cast (vCastReceiver) or ViewBoard Cast Pro (vCastPro) and reconnect your laptop to the IFP/CDE device.
    Bad audio and/or video quality through the IFP/CDE device
    • Ensure the Wi-Fi network signal strength is good.
      • Use 5GHz channel. The allocated bandwidth must be at least 10Mbps or higher.
    • Restart ViewBoard Cast (vCastReceiver) or ViewBoard Cast Pro (vCastPro).
    Remote participant hears an echo when speaking
    • Avoid placing the webcam (with microphone) or microphone next to the speaker.
    • Avoid facing the webcam (with microphone) or microphone toward the speak.
    • Reduce the microphone volume to max. 100% if needed.
    • Adjust the volume of the IFP/CDE device to 30% or less.
    • Adjust your laptop volume to 70% or less.
    Volume is too low
    • Verify that your microphone is not muted on the OS audio settings.
    • Increase the microphone volume in the OS audio setting.
    • Update the webcam or speaker to the latest firmware.