VB-AUD-201 Troubleshooting

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    If you experience a problem with your conference speakerphone, refer to the following troubleshooting guide. If a problem persists, contact the service center.

    Problem or Issue Possible Solutions
    Why is my conference speakerphone not working? Check the device battery status
    Connect to a computer or USB power source with a USB cable and check the power indicator status:
    • White indicator is on: Fully charged
    • Red indicator is flashing: Low battery (needs to be charged immediately)
    Check if the device is connected correctly
    Check your mobile device’s Bluetooth menu and delete/forget the VB-AUD-201_XXXX. Re-connect the VB-AUD-201_XXXX to your Bluetooth device.
    Why does my conference speakerphone keep cutting out? Too much distance between the conference speakerphone and the connected device can cause dropped connections.
    The maximum range for VB-AUD-201 is 20 feet/6 meters. Try moving closer to the device you are connected to. And check the specifications on your connected device to see how close you need to be for maximum connectivity.

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