VB-AUD-201 Making Connections

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    USB Connection

    Warning: Do not connect the USB cable to a cellphone.
    VB-AUD-201 USB Connection.png

    Bluetooth Connection

    When the speakerphone is powered on for the first time, it will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

    VB-AUD-201 Bluetooth Connection.png
    VB-AUD-201 Bluetooth Icon.png
    Press once Enter pairing mode
    VB-AUD-201 LED Indicator BT Pairing.png
    Blue indicator is flashing Bluetooth pairing
    VB-AUD-201 LED Indicator BT Connected.png
    Blue indicator is always on Bluetooth connected
    • Every time the speakerphone is powered on, it will automatically connect to previously connected devices (if available).
    • To disconnect the Bluetooth connection, press the Bluetooth button again.

    Audio Connection

    Connect an external speaker to the AUX jack of the speakerphone with an AUX cable (not provided). The audio will be played through the external speaker.

    VB-AUD-201 Audio Connection.png