VB-AUD-201 Introduction

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    Package Contents

    Please take a moment to check if all the necessary items are included in the package. If anything is missing or damaged, please contact your dealer immediately.


    VB-AUD-201 Overview.png
    1 Volume up button
    2 Call button
    3 Mute button
    4 Multi-function button
    5 Volume down button
    6 Power button
    7 Power LED indicator
    8 Bluetooth LED indicator
    9 Bluetooth button
    10 Status indicator
    11 USB port for charging output (Type A)
    12 Audio output port
    13 USB port for charging input (Type C)


    • Do not expose the product to a wet environment; and do not place liquid containers (e.g., vases) on the product.
    • Do not put uncovered sources of ignition (e.g., lit candles) on the product.
    • Keep the product away from direct sunlight, an open fire or other heat sources.
    • If using a power adapter for power supply, please use a supported power adapter that has CCC certification.