PD1013 PD1013T Pen Input Area Mapping

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Pen Input Area

To set the proper pen input area,

  1. Open Pen Display Manager either by going to: Start > ViewSonic > Pen Display Manager or selecting the Pen Display Manager icon from the System Tray.
    Additionally, the driver can also be accessed from ViewSign Console - either the widget or by right-clicking the ViewSign Console icon in the system tray and selecting Pen Display Driver.
  2. Pen Display Manager.png
  3. Select the Mapping tab.
  4. PenDisplayManager2.png
  5. Select the preferred Orientation, and the correct Monitor.
  6. PenDisplayManager3.png
  7. Select the Pen tab to adjust Tip Feel and check the Current Pressure.
  8. PenDisplayManager1.png
NOTE: Tip Feel alters how much actual pressure it takes to achieve maximum pressure.
  • Soft - requires less actual pressure to see a difference in pen pressure levels.
  • Firm - more force is needed to see changes in pen pressure.