PD1013 PD1013T Introduction

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Package Contents

Contents Pen Display.svg
Contents USB.svg
Contents Pen.svg
Contents Pen Nib.svg
Pen Display USB 2.0, 2 in 1
Y-cable (Micro USB
to Type A x 2)
Pen Replacement Pen nib x 3
Contents Pen Tether.svg
Contents Nib Removal.svg
Contents Screwdriver.svg
Contents AC DC Power.svg
Pen Tether Nib removal tool Screwdriver AC/DC Power Adapter 5V/2A
Contents QSG.png
Quick Start Guide

Front View / Rear View

Number Item
1 Micro USB Port
2 Pen Tether Anchor Point
3 Pen Holder
4 Wall Mounting Points
5 Display Screen / Touch Screen (PD1013T only)
6 Security Lock Slot
7 Adjustable Stand Leg
8 Pen
9 Pen Holder Attachment Point
10 Repositionable Leg

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