IFP9850-4 Using Gestures

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Using Gestures

Touch gestures allow the user to use pre-determined commands without using a keyboard or mouse. Using gestures on the ViewBoard, the user can select/deselect objects, change the location of an object, access settings, erase digital ink, and much more.

NOTE: Gesture availability will vary based on the application.

Select and Deselect an Object (Clicking)
Press and release the ViewBoard to select/deselect options or objects. This is like a single, standard left mouse click.
Single Click
Display Menu Options (Right-Clicking)
Press and hold the ViewBoard with your finger. This is like a single, standard right mouse click.
Right Click
Quickly press and release twice in the same location on the ViewBoard. This is like a double, standard left mouse click.
Double Click
Moving an Object
Press and hold the object on the ViewBoard and slowly drag it with your finger to your desired location.
Erasing Digital Ink
Use your flattened hand, palm, or fist on the ViewBoard and move your hand across the area which you wish to erase.
Swipe Up for General Settings
Swipe up from the bottom of the ViewBoard to launch the General Settings.
Swipe Up