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Air Class

Display quiz questions on the ViewBoard and allow up to 30 mobile users to submit answers remotely. Whether deploying single or multiple choice questions, the ViewBoard will record the results for each device being used.

Air Class

Network Information

  • PC (Windows/Mac/Chromebook) and tablet/mobile (iOS/Android) devices, as well as the ViewBoard need to be linked to the same LAN network subnet.
  • Ports: TCP 8080

To launch Air Class:

  1. Tap the tool bar trigger icon and select the more tools icon. Then select the Air Class icon.
  2. Select “Enter the class”.
  3. Choose from the available interactive functions at the bottom of the screen.
Item Description
Voter Single and Multiple choice questions.
Judge True/False questions.
Responder Race to answer first
Selector Randomly select a participant
Grouping Assign participants to groups
Message Allow/Deny participants to direct message the ViewBoard
Manager Add participants
Exit Exit Air Class


  1. Select the Single choice or Multiple choice icon to select the preferred answer type.
Single Multiple Choice.png
  1. Tap BEGIN VOTING to let the participants start.
  2. Begin Voting.png
  3. After the participants are finished and press OK, the ViewBoard will show the participant‘s name on screen.
  4. Air Class User.png
  5. Tap FINISH VOTING to close the quiz.
  6. Finish Voting.png
  7. Then the participants’ “Answer Statistics” will be displayed.
  8. Participants Answers.png
  9. Choose the right answer to show the correct rate.
  10. Correct Answer.png
  11. Click the Explain icon to further analyze the topic.
  12. Explain.png


  1. Tap BEGIN VOTING to let the participants start a True/False questionnaire.
Begin Voting.png
  1. After the participants are finished and press OK, the ViewBoard will show the participant‘s name on screen.
  2. Air Class User.png
  3. Tap FINISH VOTING to close the quiz.
  4. Finish Voting.png
  5. Then the participants’ “Answer Statistics” will be displayed.
  6. Judge Participant Answer.png
  7. Choose the right answer to show the correct rate.
  8. Judge Results.png
  9. Click the Explain icon to further analyze the topic.
  10. Judge Explain.png


Participants race to select their answer and tap OK to submit their answer.



  1. Select the “Selector’ icon.
  2. Set the number of participants to be selected.
NOTE: The number of participants that can be selected will be based on the total number of participants.
  1. Tap START to start the random selection.
  2. The selected participant’s name will then be displayed.


Select the icon to assign participants to groups.


To allow messaging:

  1. Tap the “Message” icon to enable the function.
  2. Participants select “Message” to change to the message interface.
  1. Participants key in their message then select SEND.
  2. The message will scroll across the top of the ViewBoard.


Select the icon to let more participants join the class.


Select to exit the Air Class interface.

myViewBoard Display

Wirelessly mirror screens to a larger display.

MVB Display.png

To share a screen to a ViewBoard with myViewBoard Display:

  1. Open myViewBoard Display on the ViewBoard you want to share your screen to.
  2. On the device you want to share the screen from, go to: https://myviewboard.com/display.
  3. Enter the Display Code and One Time Password for the ViewBoard you wish to share to.
NOTE: Note that the password refreshes every 30 seconds.

myViewBoard Live

Stream whiteboarding sessions.

MVB Live.png

A Stream URL and a Stream Key are needed to begin live streaming. The Stream URL is automatically shown after selecting the streaming service in myViewBoard Live.

NOTE: The Stream Key will come from the streaming service chosen.

On myViewBoard Live:

  1. Launch myViewBoard Live.
  2. Input the required information.
  3. Select the Record the stream checkbox to record a copy of the stream to the ViewBoard (if applicable).
  4. Tap the arrow icon to start the stream.

On the dashboard of the chosen streaming service:

  1. Verify that it is able to successfully receive the stream.
  2. To stop the stream, locate and click the ‘End Stream’ button on the chosen service’s dashboard.
NOTE: To learn more about myViewBoard Live, visit: https://wiki.myviewboard.com/MyViewBoard_Live.

myViewBoard Manager

Remotely manage multiple installations of ViewSonic devices.

MVB Manager.png

Once devices are set up and have myViewBoard Manager installed, they can be added to the entity and managed remotely from the Manager web application.

NOTE: Only available to Entity Admins from myviewboard.com after signing in.

Add a Device
On the device to manage:

  1. Download and install myViewBoard Manager.
  2. Open myViewBoard Manager and note the 6-digit PIN displayed.

In the myViewBoard Manager web application on myviewboard.com:

  1. Click Add Device.
  2. Input the 6-digit PIN obtained earlier.
  3. Name the device (if applicable).
  4. Click Add.
NOTE: To learn more about myViewBoard Manager, visit: https://wiki.myviewboard.com/MyViewBoard_Manager.

myViewBoard Record

Capture everything that is displayed on screen in a video format.

MVB Record.png

To launch the screen recording application:

  1. Select the myViewBoard Record icon in the application drawer.
  2. Select the preferred recording configurations.
  3. Tap the check mark and a three (3) second countdown will begin. Screen recording will begin immediately after the countdown.
  4. After stopping the recording, you will be able to preview the video, save it, or discard it.

myViewBoard Whiteboard

A digital whiteboarding application.

NOTE: To learn more about myViewBoard Whiteboard, visit: https://wiki.myviewboard.com/Whiteboard_for_Android.
MVB Whiteboard.png

Floating Toolbar

Item Description
Whiteboard Icon Floating Toolbar Move Toolbar.svg
Move Move the Floating Toolbar.
Whiteboard Icon Floating Toolbar Present Mode.svg
Present Mode Switch between presentation and preparation modes.
Whiteboard Icon Floating Toolbar Paste from Clipboard.svg
Paste from Clipboard Insert the current clipboard content onto the canvas.
Whiteboard Icon Floating Toolbar Previous Page.svg
Previous Page Go to the previous page (if the canvas has multiple pages).
Whiteboard Icon Floating Toolbar Next Page.svg
Next Page Go to the next page (if the canvas has multiple pages).
Whiteboard Icon Floating Toolbar New Page.svg
New Page Add a new canvas.
Whiteboard Icon Floating Toolbar Pages in Whiteboard.svg
Pages in Whiteboard Create, select, rearrange, copy and delete pages.

Main Toolbar

Item Description
Whiteboard Icon Screen Capture.svg
Screen Capture Screenshot, video, and audio recording.
Whiteboard Icon Move Toolbar.svg
Move Select and hold to move the toolbar to the left side, right side, or bottom of the screen.
Whiteboard Icon File.svg
File Open, save, export, and print whiteboard files.
Whiteboard Icon Magic Box.svg
Magic Box Import resources (image, video, audio, etc.) to the whiteboard.
Whiteboard Icon Embedded Browser.svg
Embedded Browser Open the built-in browser to access internet resources, which can be dragged onto the canvas.
Whiteboard Icon Infinite Canvas.svg
Infinite Canvas Drag to move the canvas. Use two hands to zoom in/zoom out. Select again for an overview.
Whiteboard Icon Selection.svg
Selection Select objects, text, and other elements on the canvas.
Whiteboard Icon Pen.svg
Pen Writing tools and customization options.
Whiteboard Icon Eraser.svg
Eraser Erase objects or clear the page.
Whiteboard Icon Shapes and Lines.svg
Shapes and Lines Draw shapes, arrows, and add tables.
Whiteboard Icon Text and Handwriting.svg
Text and Handwriting Add a text box.
Whiteboard Icon Undo.svg
Undo Undo the previous action.
Whiteboard Icon Redo.svg
Redo Redo the previous action.

Background Management

Item Description
Whiteboard Icon Background Management Sign in.svg
Sign In Sign in to a myViewBoard account.
Whiteboard Icon Background Management Background Management.svg
Background Management Change the canvas background.
Whiteboard Icon Background Management FollowMe Setting.svg
FollowMe Setting Display custom images uploaded to a cloud storage account.
Whiteboard Icon Background Management Color Palette.svg
Color Palette Choose from solid or gradient colors as the background.
Whiteboard Icon Background Management Pre-Installed.svg
Pre-installed Choose backgrounds that come pre-installed with Whiteboard.
Whiteboard Icon Background Management MVB Originals.svg
myViewBoard Originals Display original content created by myViewBoard.
Whiteboard Icon Background Management Local Harddrive.svg
Local Hard Drive Use images from the local hard drive.

ViewBoard Cast

Working with ViewBoard® Cast software, the vCastReceiver app, will allow the ViewBoard® to receive vCastSender laptop screens (Windows/Mac/Chrome) and mobile (iOS/Android) users’ screens, photos, videos, annotations, and camera(s).

ViewBoard Cast (vCast)

Network Information

  • ViewBoard® Cast software, laptops, and mobile devices can connect to both the same subnet and across the subnet network.
  • Connected devices will show up under “Device List” on the same subnet connection.
  • If the device does not show up under “Device List”, users will need to key-in the on-screen PIN-code.

ViewBoard Cast is a wireless peer to peer data communication, therefore the below port settings are required:


  • CP: 56789, 25123, 8121, and 8000
  • UDP: 48689 and 25123

Port and DNS activation:

  • Port: 8001
  • DNS: h1.ee-share.com

Cast Sender from Windows-based, Macbook, and Chrome Devices

IFP52 vCast Sender 1.png

Windows, Mac, Chrome Devices:

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the same network as the ViewBoard.
  2. Visit the address that is shown on the ViewBoard to download the application.
  3. Launch the application and enter the PIN Code or click Device List, then click the connect icon next to the Device Name.
IFP52 vCast Sender 2.png
IFP52 vCast Sender 2-1.png

Cast Sender from Mobile Devices: iOS-based (iPhone, iPad) and Android OS based phone/tablet

IFP52 vCast Sender 3.png


  1. Make sure your device is connected to the same network as the ViewBoard.
  2. Scan the QR Code that is shown on the ViewBoard to download directly from the server, or download from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  3. Launch the application and select the correct Device Name and input the pin to connect. You can also directly input the pin-code displayed on the ViewBoard to connect.

Apple Airplay®:

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the same network as the ViewBoard.
  2. Directly open AirPlay and select the Device Name to connect.
  3. Another “AirPlay Password” will be generated on-screen for connection.
IFP52 vCast Sender 4.png

Cast Out from a Mobile Device that Supports Annotation

VCast Sender 5.png

VCast Mobile Update.png

Other Default Applications


Web browser for surfing the internet.

Chromium 2.png


Number Item
1 Storage Device Display
2 Icons
3 File Type Menu
4 File Information
5 Main Display Area

File Type Menu

Item Description
All All types
Doc OFFICE files
Note Image stored by myViewBoard, Side Tool Bar, and remote control Screen Capture button.
Picture Image files
Media Audio and Video files


Create, edit, and view Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and PDFs.

Screen Lock

Set a screen lock password and enable screen lock.

NOTE: If the user forgets the password, use the remote control and press INPUT-0-2-1-4 to restore the password to default.

To set a screen lock password:

  1. Go to: Settings > Display > Password for screen lock, or select the Screen Lock icon in the apps list.
  2. Select Set Password, and input a new four (4) digit password. Then select OK.
  3. Now when selecting the Screen Lock icon, the screen will be locked.
Screen Lock 2.png


Clear unnecessary data and unwanted files.

VSweeper 1.png

Advanced Settings can also be customized to the user's needs.

VSweeper 2.png