LD216-251 Using the Display

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Power On/Off your LED Display

LD163-181 Power On.png
  1. Ensure the power cord is connected and plugged into a power outlet.
  2. Press the Power button to turn on the LED display.
  3. To turn the LED display off, press the Power button again.

Home Screen

LD163-181 Home Screen.png

The Home Screen of the system is shown above. Press ▼/▲/◄/► on the remote control to select an application, then press OK on the remote control to confirm.

NOTE: Preloaded applications are subject to change without a notice.
Icon Name Description
LED Display Browser Icon.png
Browser Web browser
LED Display MVB Icon.png
Display Wirelessly mirror your desktop
LED Display Airplay Icon.png
EAirplay AirPlay mirroring
LED Display Enterprise Icon.png
EnterpriseAgent Device management
LED Display File Icon.png
File Manager File explorer
LED Display Revel Icon.png
Revel Digital Signage Manage digital signage
LED Display Setting Icon.png
Settings View and adjust the display’s settings
LED Display Nix Icon.png
SureMDM Nix Secure, monitor, and manage devices
LED Display WPS Icon.png
WPS Office Create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
LED Display vCast Icon.png
vCastReceiver Receive casted content from devices
LED Display Sweeper Icon.png
vSweeper Clear up storage space
NOTE: Press the Home Page button on the remote control to return to the Home Screen at any time.