VP16-OLED Adjusting the Viewing Angle

    From ViewSonic User Guide Database

    Screen Orientation Adjustment (Monitor Pivot)

    1. Extend the monitor’s stand to the longest position.
    2. Extend the Stand
    3. Rotate the monitor 90° clockwise or counter clockwise from landscape to portrait orientation.
    4. Rotate the Monitor
    • To rotate the screen image, manually change the system’s display orientation settings.
    • When adjusting, make sure to hold both sides of your monitor firmly with both hands.

    Tilt Angle Adjustment

    The monitor has a double-hinged stand that allows for several viewing angles (20˚ to 60˚).

    • Tilt Option 1
    Tilt Option 1
    • Tilt Option 2
    Tilt Option 2
    • Tilt Option 3
    Tilt Option 3
    NOTE: When adjusting, support the monitor firmly with one hand while tilting the stand backwards with the other hand.