vController Start Up

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    Start Up

    Display or Projector selection provides RS-232 or LAN communication connection, display identity code, switching the machine on and off, and the input signal settings.

    Select Device

    Press the Display Icon VController Monitor Icon.png to control a display or the Projector Icon VController Projector Icon.png to control a projector.

    VController Start Up 1.png

    RS-232 Settings

    1. Press the Return Button VController Return Icon.png to search for the RS-232 connection ports and then select a corresponding hardware connection port.
    • Default baud rate is 9600.
    1. Press the Share Button VController Share Icon.png to connect to the RS-232. When the RS-232 has been successfully connected, the button will turn green.

    VController Start Up 2.png

    Network Settings

    1. Enter the IP address of the monitor in the IP address field.
    2. VController Network 1.png
    3. When the network settings interface is opened, press the Ping Button VController Ping Icon.png to check if the connection is successful.
    4. VController Network 2.png
      • Default port number is 5000.
    5. Press the Share Button VController Share Icon.png to connect to the network. When the network connection has been successful, the button will turn green.


    VController Start Monitor Interface.png
    VController Start PJ Interface.png
    Display Start Interface Projector Start Interface

    Display Identification Number (ID)

    Create ID numbers when connecting to displays via RS-232C. A unique ID should be created for each display. Check All when connecting to multiple displays.

    NOTE: Only displays support ID numbers. Projectors do not support ID numbers.

    ID Group

    1. Check Group.
    2. Enter ID numbers in the text field.

    On/Off Buttons

    Press the On ButtonOn Button to turn on the display.
    Press the Off ButtonOff Button to turn off the display.
    Icon Description
    VController PowerOn Icon.jpg Display has turned on successfully.
    VController PowerOn Icon GreenLine.jpg Display has failed to turn on / display's status is unknown.
    VController PowerOff Icon.jpg Display has turned off successfully.
    VController PowerOff Icon RedLine.jpg Display has failed to turn off / display's status is unknown.

    Source Menu

    1. Select video source with the pull-down menu
    2. Press the Source Button VController Source Icon.jpg to switch the input signal.

    IP Group

    1. Press the IP ButtonVController IPGroup Icon.jpg to set the IP group.
      VController IP Group Icon.png
    2. Enter the IP address of the display or projector in the IP address field.
    Icon Description
    VController Add Icon.jpg Add IP address into group.
    VController Remove Icon.jpg Remove IP address from group.
    VController Up Icon.jpg Move up the focus IP address.
    VController Down Icon.jpg Move down the focus IP address.
    VController Check Icon.jpg Enable all IP address.
    VController Disable Icon.jpg Disable all IP address.
    VController X Icon.jpg Close IP group windows.