vController Schedule

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    VController Schedule.png

    Pre-set schedules can be used to determine when the displays are to be switched on/off. Be reminded that in order for this function to work, the vController software must be kept running.

    Item Description
    Group Group On or Off schedule. Select from Group A to H or No group.
    Name Type a schedule name.
    Protocol Select RS-232 or LAN.
    Device Select Display or Projector.
    COM Set the RS-232 COM port.
    ID Select the Display ID.
    On Set the time to switch on the display (hours, minutes).
    Off Set the time to switch off the display (hours, minutes).
    A week Press to select the days of the week.
    Enable Enable or disable this schedule.
    Save The schedule will only come into use after pressing the button to store the schedule.
    Delete Delete the schedule.