VB-STND-009 Initial Setup

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    Assembling the Product

    1. Engage the break on the wheels of the four Casters (F).
    2. Assembling the Product
    3. Screw the four Casters (F) into the Left (A) and Right Trestles (B) using the 20xØ12.5x3.1 mm Spring Washer (J) and 24x12.5x1.5 mm Washer (I).
    4. Assembling the Product
    5. There are two combinations of mounting holes, on the Left (A) and Right Trestles (B), for the Wall Plate (D).
    6. Assembling the Product
    7. After choosing the appropriate combination, screw one M8x16 mm Screw (G) halfway into the middle mounting hole of the chosen combination into each Trestle (A & B).
    8. NOTE: Ensure at least 8 mm of the M8x16 mm Screw (G) is sticking out.
      Assembling the Product
    9. Hang the Wall Plate (D) onto the two halfway screwed M8x16 mm Screws (G). Once hung, fully tighten both M8x16 mm Screws (G).
    10. Assembling the Product
    11. Screw in the remaining four M8x16 Screws (G) to fully secure the Wall Plate (D).
    12. Assembling the Product
    13. Screw one M6x12 mm Screw (H) halfway into each Trestle (A & B) as shown below.
    14. NOTE: Ensure at least 8 mm of the M6x12 mm Screw (H) is sticking out.
      Assembling the Product
    15. Place the Storage Tray (C) onto the two exposed M6x12 mm Screws (H). Fully tighten the two M6x12 mm Screws (H). Using the remaining two M6x12 mm Screws (H), further secure the Storage Tray (C) to the Left (A) and Right Trestles (B).
    16. Assembling the Product
    17. Secure the two Wall Brackets (E) onto the display as shown below.
    18. Assembling the Product
    19. Secure the Mini PC bracket onto the stand as shown below.
    20. Assembling the Product
    21. With two or more people, carefully hang the display, with the Wall Brackets (E) installed, onto the Wall Plate (D). Then lock the safety screws on the Wall Brackets (E).
    22. Assembling the Product