VB-SEN-001 Using the Device

    From ViewSonic User Guide Database

    Staus Bar

    When the VB-SEN-001 is connected to a ViewBoard, a Status Bar will be present on the launcher screen. Tapping the Status Bar will open an Environmental Monitoring pop-up.

    VB-SEN-001 Status Bar.png

    Environmental Monitoring

    The temperature, humidity, PM2.5, and CO2 levels will all be monitored.

    VB-SEN-001 Environment 1.png

    A line graph will show the logged data. At any time an individual metric can be selected. Additionally, the logged data can be exported in a .csv format.

    VB-SEN-001 Environment 2.png

    NFC Lock

    Use NFC cards to quickly lock/unlock the ViewBoard screen. To add an NFC card:

    1. Go to: Settings > Preferences > NFC Lock
    2. VB-SEN-001 NFC 1.png
    3. Tap Add NFC Card.
    4. VB-SEN-001 NFC 2.png
    5. Tap the NFC card to the NFC sensor on the VB-SEN-001 to add the NFC Number. Then input a name for it.
    6. VB-SEN-001 NFC 3.png
    7. Now the ViewBoard can be locked/unlocked with the NFC card.

    Body Detection

    Use the VB-SEN-001’s PIR sensor’s body detection to wake or put the ViewBoard in sleep mode. To setup Body Detection:

    1. Go to: Settings > Preferences > Startup & Shutdown
    2. VB-SEN-001 Body Detection 1.png
    3. Toggle Body Detection On. Then set a time to enter sleep mode when no body is detected.
    4. VB-SEN-001 Body Detection 2.png