Using the AirPen

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    Pen Nibs

    The AirPen (VB-PEN-007) is equpped with two (2) pen nibs.

    Fine Nib Thick Nib
    Fine Nib
    Thick Nib
    Pen nib for infrared (IR) screens. Conductive pen nib for infrared (IR) and capacitive screens.
    NOTE: After 20 minutes of non-use, the pen will shut down and enter sleep mode. Please press the Power Button for three (3) seconds to re-enable it.

    Replacing Pen Nibs

    When the pen nib develops a sharp or rough edge, it can be replaced with replacement nibs. To replace a nib:

    Replacing the Pen Nibs
    1. Rotate the pen nib holder counterclockwise and remove the old pen nib.
    2. Insert the new pen nib and turn the pen nib holder clockwise to secure it.

    Using the Presenter Function

    You can press and hold the Air Mouse button to use the AirPen (VB-PEN-007) as an onscreen cursor, use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons as a previous page and next page switch, and the side Volume Up and Down buttons to control the volume level.

    Using the Presenter Function

    Pressing the Air Mouse button and Power Button at the same time will function as a left mouse click button.

    Using the Presenter Function