VA2432-MHD Initial Setup

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    Installing the Stand

    VA2432-MHD Stand Installation.png

    Always place the device on a flat, stable surface. Failure to do so may cause the device to fall and damage the device and/or result in personal injury.

    Removing the Stand and Wall Mounting

    Refer to the table below for the standard dimensions for wall mount kits.

    For use only with a UL certified wall mount kit/bracket. To obtain a wall-mounting kit or height adjustment base, contact ViewSonic® or your local dealer.
    VA2432-MHD VESA.png
    Maximum Loading Hole Pattern (W x H) Interface Pad (W x H x D) Pad Hole Screw Specification Quantity
    14 kg 75 x 75 mm 115 x 115 x 2.6 mm Ø 5 mm M4 x 10 mm 4 screws
    1. Turn off the device and disconnect all cables.
    2. Place the device on a flat, stable surface with the screen facing down.
    3. Remove the monitor stand.
    4. VA2432-MHD Stand Remove.png
    5. Attach the mounting bracket to the VESA mounting holes at the rear of the monitor. Then secure it with four (4) screws (M4 x 10 mm).
    6. Follow the instructions that come with the wall mounting kit to mount the monitor onto the wall.

    Using the Security Slot

    To help prevent the device from being stolen, use a security slot locking device to secure the device to a fixed object.

    Additionally, fastening the monitor to a wall or fixed object using a security cable can help support the weight of the monitor in order to prevent the monitor from falling over.

    Below is an example of setting up a security slot locking device on a table.

    Using the Security Slot