ViewSign Professional SDK

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    The SIGNificant Kiosk SDK enables an interactive customer communication, advertising and e-signature capturing at the Point of Sales / Service (POS). Using stylus-based displays or screens at the POS offers many advantages (e.g., customers can read documents on the display, capture electronic signatures and use the display for advertising). The SIGNificant Kiosk SDK with its intelligent screen handling makes use of all the advantages such displays can offer.


    • Display the document on the whole screen - enables the customer to read the document at their own pace on the screen.
    • Sign directly on the document - better acceptance of the signing solution as the customer signs directly on the document.
    • Assistance mode - the operator can guide the user (change page, trigger signature fields, highlight information, etc.) from their monitor.
    • Simultaneous usage - the operator can continue their work on their computer while the customer signs the document.
    • Advertisement - play advertisements for customers (image slideshow & videos) on the signature screen while it is not in use.
    • High level integration with easy to integrate .NET and Java SDK.
    • Skinning of the user interface by XML configuration.
    • Search for text markers ("sig-strings") to find the positions where to put the signature. Optionally the markers can be removed (this is depending on the PDF structure).
    • Digitally sign with or without biometric signature data.
    • Standard: Adobe Pdf Reference PDF 32000-1:2008 PKCS#7 Signatures as used in ISO 32000.
    • optionally: PDF/A-1 conformant signature
    • optionally: RFC 3161 Timestamping
    • Real-time biometric signature verification in combination with our SIGNificant Biometric Server.

    Operating System & Development Environment

    • Operating systems supported:
    • Windows Vista
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 10
    • Integration via .NET or JAVA, or from the web


    The latest version is always downloadable via xyzmo’s partner network.

    The provided MS installer will deploy the following:

    • Kiosk SDK
    • Kiosk SDK Demo (a precompiled sample integration)
    • .NET SDK library for accessing the Kiosk SDK (.NET2 / .NET4 / x86 / x64)
    • Java SDK library for accessing the Kiosk SDK
    • Sample code for both the .NET and Java SDK library

    Note regarding encryption
    All signature data is encrypted with xyzmo's default certificates. In unlicensed mode this is a (unsecure) demo certificate where the private key is available to everybody for the purpose of testing. In licensed mode xyzmo's production certificate is used for which xyzmo manages the private key. If you want to use a specific key for encryption/decryption (a requirement for Biometric Server use) you will get a specific build (dll/jar) for that purpose.

    Signature Tablets

    Currently, the following signature screens are supported and recommended when used with Windows devices:

    • Namirial NT10011
    • Namirial NT10012
    • Namirial NT10013

    Also, the following devices are supported:

    • Wacom DTU 1031
    • Wacom DTU 1031X
    • Wacom DTU 1141B

    Other manufacturer's models are supported on request if they provide sufficient drivers and signature quality. For a detailed list refer to the release notes of the specific version.