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    ViewSign Dossier is a desktop software application that allows various mechanisms to utilize PDF files. With this client, it is possible to: edit, compile, print, send through email or ftp, and digitally sign a document. It is integrated with Windows context menu and it is also available from Microsoft Office Word application through a dedicated Office plugin. A virtual printer named "GraphoSign Virtual Printer" is also installed with a default installation, which can generate PDF files from any application running on the desktop PC. Using this virtual printer is simple: just open a generic printable document and print on "ViewSign Dossier Virtual Printer". After that the virtual printer will convert the document into pdf, open ViewSign Dossier client and automatically import the converted document. This client is a desktop solution with a complete set of functions optimized for utilizing a digital process to create, edit, share and sign any document within your business or personal workflows.

    User Guide

    In order to starting using the software it is necessary to know basic terminology and concepts. Below, there is a list of concepts and terminology to be aware of.

    Acrofield A form field within the PDF standard. An acrofield is a specific area inside a pdf document. The software user can interact with acrofields within a document. Signature, TextBox, CheckBox, ComboBox list are all subtypes of acrofield. PDF documents containing acrofields can be filled with entry of specific data before signing the PDF.
    Dossier In ViewSign Dossier a dossier is a collection of PDF files, named and grouped properly in a single dossier file. The PDF file can be digitally signed but not the dossier. The dossier is a link container to a file stored into a local disk storage or into a network storage. If a file is moved or deleted outside ViewSign Dossier the dossier file is not updated and the link will not work anymore. The dossier is useful when files are stored permanently and the users wants to reference or review the signed files. ViewSign Dossier manages two kind of Dossiers: Simple and Advanced

    Simple dossier is a simple collection of generic pdf document. If users do not need to organize a set of files he can choose simple dossier in order to edit, compile or sign document.

    Advanced dossier is a logical tree file organization. The root is named Dossier and has two subnodes Documents and Attach. In this case, subnodes Documents will contain all files categorized for digital signature, but these documents also need reference attachments. Attach will contain all of these attachments, including examples like a copy of identity card, or file annotation. In general, an attachment is a file that has to be merged with document so the resultant dossier is ready to sign and remain associated with the attachment(s). In the advanced dossier the user can sign only the finally merged document, and its components (single document node or attachment file).

    PDF File PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print, or forward to someone else. PDF files are especially useful for documents such as magazine articles, product brochures, or flyers in which you want to preserve the original graphic appearance online. A PDF file contains one or more pages of images and text, each of which you can zoom in on or out from. You can page forward and backward.
    Signature Area An orange rectangular area that can be placed anywhere inside document. This area defines the physical space into a document where a digital signature will be placed. Signature area can also be created and removed if the pdf is already signed.
    Signature Field Is a specific kind of acrofield. It is similar to the signature area but once it has been created cannot be moved in pdf, and if a document is signed cannot be deleted.
    Signature Template Is a collection of signature areas in a document. This collection is used when it is necessary to sign a specific sequence of signature fields, or in the case of a pdf model. This template can be saved in memory or in a file.
    • Template saved in memory. Templates that can only be used with a specific dossier and cannot be reused for other documents.
    • Template saved in file. Templates that can be saved and reopened with other pdf documents that share the same document structure, number of pages or text positioning.
    Software License In order to use ViewSign Dossier the user needs a valid digital certificate and a license related to the certificate.