ViewSign Desktop Advanced Guide File Menu

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    File Menu

    All buttons available under "File" view are described below. Each button is clickable if the State rule is true.

    Button Icon Description Status Rule
    New Allows user the creation of new Dossier. The user can choose between Simple dossier or Advanced. See the Glossary for term definition. Always available. User can always create a new dossier.
    Open Allows user open an existing dossier. Always available. User can always open an existing dossier.
    Save as Allow user to choose a path with the location of where to save the dossier. Dossier can be saved only if is open.
    Close Close the current dossier. If the dossier is saved file will close, if not user will be prompted to save before closing. Dossier can be closed only if it is open.
    Options Open the windows dialog where various software options are set. Always Available.
    Bookmarks Open the windows dialog for customizing bookmarks. Bookmark links create shortcuts of buttons on the tab mean. Always Available.