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eSignAnywhere.Api V5

Before you use the API, we recommend you to read the API Documentation, to get an overview about our programming interface, data types and basic concepts.

General Concepts

  • The application includes user authentication on application level. Therefore, it is required to provide credentials for authorization (UserLoginName + OrganizationKey). The OrganizationKey is an API-Key.
  • On status change, our back-end notifies integrations by calling an HTTP(S) endpoint as a callback.
  • Error handling:
  • HTTP 40x for handled errors
  • In a HTTP 40x we return an error code and an error info
  • or HTTP 500 for generic server errors
  • Callbacks
  • Envelope callbacks: This is the basic callback which is fired if the envelope reaches a final state
  • Envelope status callback: Is fired, based on envelope events/actions
  • Draft callback: Is fired, if a draft is used or deleted

For more details please check Here.