ViewSign Cloud On-Premise FAQ

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How can I use remote certificates for a qualified electronic signature - QES e.g. disposal certificates?
For the remote certificate feature (after eIDAS) you have to sign a LRA (Location Registration Authority) contract with Namirial. Please contact your Namirial consultant for further information.

The eSignAnyWhere Notification service setup is stuck and the service will not startup at all.
Please have a look at the log, it probably will state the correct error. Most likely the database is not set-up correctly or the user that is running the service (= default is the NetworkService user) does not have the necessary credentials to access the database or the storage.


I changed the configuration _global.xml, but they are not set.
You also have to restart the eSignAnyWhere Notification Service to reload the configuration settings.

Emails are not sent by eSignAnyWhere.
Check your logs and SMTP configuration and test it manually (e.g. with telnet). If configuration check is correct it may be a connection issue (firewalls, client, authentication, ...).