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ViewBoard® Cast software supports native Chromecast screen sharing via the Chrome browser casting respectively with the Chromecast feature enabled. Please ensure that mDNS is enabled on the network/access point/wireless controller (where applicable).

Network Information:

  • Ports:
  • TCP 8008 & 8009
  • UDP 5353 (mDNS to broadcast CCast)
  • How to verify Chromecast is broadcasting:
  1. Ensure that your Chromebook and ViewBoard® are connected to the same subnet network.
  2. It is recommended to use Wi-Fi: 802.11n 5GHz.
Note: See 5 GHz channel for a table on non-DFS channels in your country. In the USA, those channels are 36-48 and 149-165.
  1. Bandwidth: At least 2~5 Mbps per user in a typical deployment. Latency should be less than 100ms when ping Google’s public DNS server at for HD video streaming preferably >5Mbps is required.
  2. Access points:
  • For small deployments of under 30 devices, consumer-grade networking equipment is sufficient.
  • For deployments greater than 30 devices or involving multiple rooms, enterprise-grade, centrally managed networking equipment is recommended.
Chromecast Service