vTouch Introduction

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    What is vTouch Support?

    vTouch allows for touch feedback control for external monitors connected to a Mac.

    The touch function relates to the processing of the touch events (tap, press, gestures, etc.) performed on the touch device. A common list of touch events and system actions are predefined and can be configured as suits.

    Monitor Support

    • TD1630-3
    • TD1655
    • TD2230
    • TD2210
    • TD2430
    • TD2455
    • TD2760
    • TD2223
    • TD2423
    • ID1655
    • ID2455
    • TD2423d
    • TD2456
    • ID2456
    • TD3207
    • TD2465
    • TD2265
    NOTE: vTouch is a universal binary that works on both the Intel and Apple processors of MacBook and is available for MacOS 10.14 and above, including the latest macOS.

    ViewBoard Display Support

    • IFP20 Series
    • IFP30 Series
    • IFP32 Series
    • IFP50 Series
    • IFP52 Series
    • IFP60 Series
    • IFP62 Series
    • IFP70 Series
    • IFP2410 Series