VPC37 Introduction

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    Package Contents

    Please take a moment to check if all the necessary items are included in the package. If anything is missing or damaged, please contact your dealer immediately.

    VPC33 Package Contents.png

    Product Overview

    VPC33 Overview.png
    Number Item Description
    VPC33 Security Lock.png
    Security lock
    2 Antenna Wi-Fi antenna interface
    VPC33 LAN.png
    Standard RJ45 (10M/100M/1G) internet connection port.
    NOTE: This network port is only used for PC.
    4 DisplayPort DisplayPort input. Connect to a PC or other device with DisplayPort output.
    5 USB USB 3.0 port
    6 RESET Reset button
    VPC33 Power.png
    Power button
    8 Status LED Status indicator light
    9 HDMI HDMI input. Connect to a PC or other device with HDMI output.
    VPC33 USBC.png
    USB Type C input (Data only; 5V/0.9A charging)
    VPC33 Audio.png
    Audio out for connected headphones or speakers.
    VPC33 Microphone.png
    Microphone connection