VP2468a 初始安装

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  1. 将显示器放在平坦、稳定的表面上,使屏幕朝下。
  2. 将显示器底座底板上的两 (2) 个点与显示器底座顶部对齐并进行连接。
  3. 在显示器底座的底板中使用外加螺丝,并将其固定到显示器底座的顶部。
  4. 将设备放在平坦、稳定的表面,使设备处于直立位置。
  • Align the points
  • Secure the Base and Neck
  • Lift into an upright position

Always place the device on a flat, stable surface. Failure to do so may cause the device to fall and damage the device and/or result in personal injury.

Wall Mounting

Refer to the table below for the standard dimensions for wall mount kits.

For use only with a UL certified wall mount kit/bracket. To obtain a wall-mounting kit or height adjustment base, contact ViewSonic® or your local dealer.
Maximum Loading Hole Pattern (W x H) Interface Pad (W x H x D) Pad Hole Screw Specification & Quantity
14 kg 100 x 100 mm 115 x 115 x 2.6 mm Ø 5 mm M4 x 10 mm - 4 pieces
  1. Turn off the device and disconnect all cables.
  2. Place the device on a flat, stable surface with the screen facing down.
  3. Remove the four (4) screws.
  4. Pull down slightly to disengage the hooks and remove the stand.
  5. Attach the mounting bracket to the VESA mounting holes at the rear of the monitor. Then secure it with four (4) screws (M4 x 10 mm).
  6. Follow the instructions that come with the wall mounting kit to mount the monitor onto the wall.
  • Remove the four (4) screw
  • Disengage the hooks
  • VESA mounting points

Using the Security Slot