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Maintenance Tool

Before Use

LD-MK-002 Before Use.png


LD-MK-002 Overview.png
Number Item Description
1 Release Button Press the button to release the suction pressure.
2 Silicone Suction Cup Apply pressure on the LED module to activate suction.

LED Module Disassembly

LD-MK-002 LED Module Disassembly.png


LD-MK-002 Dimensions.png
Item Description
Model Name LD-MK-002
Product Dimension 210 x 260 x 87.7 mm
(8.27" x 10.23" x 3.46")
Weight 0.9 kg
(1.98 lbs)
Working Temperature 3° to 55° C
(37.4° to 131° F)