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Vacuum Suction Tool


Before Use

LD-MK-001 Before Use.png


LD-MK-001 Overview.png
Number Item Description
1 Lanyard Ring Lanyard attachment point.
2 Regulating Valve Adjust the suction force level. Cover the valve for the strongest suction force.
3 LED Module Contact Silicone Soft contact surface for LED module removal.
4 Power Display Battery indicator.
5 Power Switch Turn the device On/Off.
6 Start Button Engage/Disengage the suction force.
7 Battery Removal Button Press to remove the battery.
8 Charging Port Port for battery charging.

Battery Usage

Charging the Battery

LD-MK-001 Battery Charging.png

Changing the Battery

LD-MK-001 Battery Changing.png

LED Module Disassembly

LD-MK-001 LED Module Disassembly.png


LD-MK-001 Dimensions.png
Item Description
Model LD-MK-001
Suction Face Dimension 134 x 194 mm
(5.27" x 7.64")
Available Module Size 192 x 192 to 500 x 500 mm
(7.56" x 7.56" to 19.69" x 19.69")
Product Dimension 152 x 140 x 210 mm
(5.98" x 5.51" x 8.27")
Weight 1.17 kg
(2.58 lbs)
Working Duration 17 minutes
Working Temperature 3 to 55° C (37.4 to 131° F)